Referral Rewards

Are you the person at the weekend BBQ that everyone asks for advice, because they heard you were dealing with a finance broker, financial planner or property expert?

Perhaps you’ve even made the decision to take action to improve your own financial situation and friends and work colleagues are asking you questions about how you’re achieving these changes?

If this sounds like you, we love to have you think of us when it comes to recommending someone who can help them.

Our referral program is the perfect way to help a friend and get rewarded at the same time.

How does it work?

Simply download and complete the form below and start earning your rewards. We’ll take care of the rest and you can be assured that any referral will receive a priority appointment with us and VIP treatment.

Just for thinking of us we’ll reward you with the following –

Had a great experience with us? Put it in writing and we’ll send you a $20 Visa Gift Card. (Limit 1 per client)

Recommend your friend has a one hour free ‘fact find’ appointment with us in our offices and when they do, you’ll receive a $20 Visa Gift Card. There is no limit to the number of people you can refer!

Property Purchases
After the appointment process, should they purchase any property through us, you’ll receive $500 Visa card paid.

Its our way of saying thank you.


  1. You must endevour to supply the contact details of the person you are referring to us prior to the first appointment we have with them to ensure we allocate a reward to you.
  2. All referral rewards are paid at the end of each month of receiving your Testimonial, the conclusion of the appointment, exchange or settlement of the property purchase transaction.
  3. This program may end or change at any time.
  4. Each referral is valid for the first transaction only, not subsequent purchases.
  5. Gift card may be substituted for cheque or other payment method at our discretion.