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Odyssey Financial has been assisting clients with their lending, investments, financial planning and property investment since 2002.
Financial independence is created by understanding our client’s situation, planning, implementation, and regular reviews. With our advice and guidance, we are assisting 100’s of Australian families build wealth and financial independence.

Professionalism and expertise.
We take full responsibility in assisting our clients in building their wealth and achieving financial independence. Our team provides professional services in financial planning, superannuation, personal insurances, structured lending solutions and property investment. Odyssey Financial has been assisting individuals and families with their financial affairs since 2003. When dealing with Odyssey you can be assured of professional service as our staff has over 80 years of financial services experience and as a company have won a number of state and national awards.
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We help you build and protect wealth and achieve financial independence 
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We compare hundreds of loan options to find the best rates available and solution
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We tailor your super ensuring you the best opportunity for growth and tax benefits
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We assist you with every aspect needed for you to invest in property
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Financial planning is about developing strategies to help you manage your financial affairs and meet your life goals – and the first step is to make sure you have access to the right advice. It’s YOUR LIFE and our financial planners develop YOUR PLAN
The Odyssey Financial planners follow a six-step process that makes financial planning very straightforward, easy to understand and importantly gives you a tailored plan for you. Nobody else just you.
  • A Complimentary Financial Planning Consultation
  • Identifying your goals and objectives
  • Look at your current financial situation and the opportunities
  • Preparing your financial plan and recommendation
  • Implementing our advice
  • Reviewing your plan
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Who lends you the money to finance your investment property purchase can be just as important as which property you buy. Putting a foot wrong in the very early stages of sourcing finance, could end up costing you thousands over the term of your loan. Getting assistance from an expert in the lending field could be the best decision you ever make.

Can't I just borrow from a bank?
While you may be satisfied with the level of service you receive from your existing bank, they are only able to sell you products that exist in their range. Banks are businesses. They can only offer you the loans and products that are available at their particular bank. Because of this limitation, how can you be certain you are getting the best deal possible when you are only being shown a snapshot of what is available in the market?

Getting finance to purchase an investment property is very different to getting a Car or Personal Loan. Although banking staff may have information in these fields, they are not trained Accountants, Financial Planners or Real Estate Agents. Without this specific knowledge, they are unable to view your circumstances holistically in the way that a specialist investment property lender can. It is also unlikely that banking staff are aware of how different types of loans can be structured in order to maximize taxation benefits and protect your new asset.

What about a Broker?
A broker has access to more products and lenders than that of the individual banks. A skilled broker should be able to evaluate your circumstances and find a loan that best suits your needs. However, it’s important to understand that brokers make their money by writing loans and may be swayed towards certain lenders that pay higher commissions. Similarly to the banks, brokers also may neglect the fact that how a loan is structured can ultimately affect the outcome of your tax benefits.
Plan Australia excellence award
Westpac Top 100 brokers award
Challenger Top 100 Brokers Award
Financial Planners Association of Australia
MFAA Approved Broker
Plan Australia Hall of Fame Member
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